FLOW  /  work force management

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PSP Flow

The Flow suite of programs provide a complete workforce management solution for enterprise-wide work flow management.

✓ Flow Back-office: A windows application used by the administrator(s) of the system to define job card templates, business rules, project activities, data destinations and other administrative tasks.

✓ Flow Engine: A windows background service that runs on a server of the client to interact between the data sources of the enterprise and the work flow system. It creates job cards from measurement criteria on the enterprise data sources, create follow-up jobs, update the enterprise data-sources from job-card results, allocate jobs to personnel and manage project activities.

✓ Flow Web: A web portal for mobile workforce, office workforce, administrators and management. It provides a mobile work force solution for the optimising of performance and resources of field work, and management tools for office personnel.


A workflow management system is a computer system that manages and defines a series of tasks within an organization to produce a final outcome or outcomes. Workflow management systems allow the user to define different workflows for different types of jobs or processes.

For example, in a manufacturing setting, a design document might be automatically routed from designer to a technical director to the production engineer. At each stage in the workflow, one individual or group is responsible for a specific task. Once the task is complete, the workflow software ensures that the individuals responsible for the next task are notified and receive the data they need to execute their stage of the process. Workflow management systems also automate redundant tasks and ensure that uncompleted tasks are followed up.